Vern's Military Records

SFC V. Mock
RVN 66-69
probably RT Iowa or Utah / RT Maine

Estimated Chronology

Jan 20, 1961            John F. Kennedy(D) becomes President

Apr 8, 1962             James Gabriel Jr. is murdered in Laos
                                 injured prisoner of war; shot in back

Nov 22, 1963            Lyndon B. Johnson(D) becomes President

1965                         graduated from Kumaki High School

1965-1966                2 semesters college in Hawaii

1966-1967                boot camp, Airborne School, Ranger
                                 School, Special Forces School

                                 Men are rushed thru training
                                 creating 90 Day Wonders, Shake & Bakes *

Feb 16, 1967            Elmelindo Smith dies

1968-1969                1st tour
                                 Lived and worked with Montagnards

Feb 19, 1968            Donald Fisher Marshall II dies

Aug 28, 1968            James Glover dies

Oct 3, 1968              Alan Gomes dies

Jan 1, 1969             Vincent Yano dies

Jan 20, 1969            Richard Nixon(R) becomes President

1969-1970                Running Laos; picture taken
                                 Vern's base camp was in Quang Tri

Feb 15, 1969            Alvin Jock Ho dies

Mar 20, 1969          Terry Kawamuka dies

May 12, 1969          Rodney H. Maunakea dies

02/04/1970               Verne severely injured in Tet
                                 both arms & legs broken (swollen joints)
                                 phosphorous burns on skin (skin disease)
                                 shot in stomach. reconstructive stomach
                                 surgery required. (hernia)
                                 shot through jaw. (extreme headaches)

02/04/1970-1971      Recovering in military medical facilities

1971                         Army/SF - 1st Honorable Discharge
                                 80% Disability

1972-1974                B.A. Fine Arts University of Hawaii

1963-2008                U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye (D)
1959-1977                U.S. Senator Hiram L. Fong (D)
1971-1977                U.S. Representative Spark M. Matsunaga, 1st District (D)
1971-1977                U.S. Representative Patsy T. Mink, 2nd District(D)
                                 U.S. Rep. P. T. Mink(D) released Vern from 2nd draft
1970                         Hawaii Governor John H. Burns(D)

1972 or 1973             USAR - 2nd Honorable Discharge
                                 0% Disability
                                 Rank of E2
                                 military and civilian records at Pearl Harbor
                                 Navy Shipyard significantly changed.

1974-1975               Disgusted with the corruption in Hawaii
                                 moved to California

Aug 9, 1974            Gerald Ford(R) becomes President

1984                         moved from California back to Hawaii
                                 worked for City of Honolulu
                                 garage door fell on hands while working
                                 Lawsuit against City of Honolulu

1986                         Moved to Indiana; met me

11/03/2003                Vern died from cancer (Agent Orange)
                                  at the age of 56

2004                         I start this website and start researching.

2007                         I write all U.S. Senators and Representatives.

2007                         All kinds of records start appearing from Pearl Harbor.

                                  The accurate document from the psychiatrist appears.
                                  False records from PHNSY appear in
                                  the civilian records from NARA.
                                  There are no matching records filed with the
                                  IRS or the SSA concerning the fabricated PHNSY records.
                                  The IRS & SSA are correct.
                                  Hopefully this line of falsified records will end at PHNSY.

*90 Day Wonders:
*Derogatory term for an OCS graduate 
*(origin) Early practice of training commissioned
*              officers in three months rather than four years
*(synonym) 90-day blunder, Shake & Bakes

This is the chronological order of Vern's military career and life as best as I can tell from his records. The official military records are not an accurate portrayal of Vernon's time spent with the military. His 9 month service with the USAR is documented. His rise in rank is also documented. Ranks must be earned however. A promotion requires that each level is achieved by a time and performance of service. These promotions are not the kind of promotions that would be earned by two weeks a year being spent with the USAR.

The year is 1965. Lyndon Johnson has just been sworn in as President. Lyndon Johnson has invested his stocks wisely, and begins to increase the involvement of the United States in the Vietnam War accordingly. During this time period, ordinary men are drafted. They are forced into the service and have no choice other than to move to a new country or go to jail. Only the rich or the politically connected people are able to have their young men enlisted into the Reserves in order to keep them State-side and out of harms way.

I have just returned from a visit to NARA in St. Louis. The U.S. Department of Creative Data Services is still very operational and wow, are those guys good. The record listed below has been removed from Vern's files - most likely never to be seen again.

Previous web entry:

One of the best indications of ignorance/corruption/gross negligence and yet great clarity is a report by a doctor (psychiatrist?) after Vern was forced into the U.S. Reserves with 80% disability from his Tet Offensive injuries.


George F. Schnack, M.D.
1523 Kalakaua Avenue
P.O. Box 5263
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

To Unit Commander
411th Engr. Bn. (Const.)
Fort De Russey
Honolulu, Hawaii 96815

Dear Sir:

Yesterday I saw Mr. Mock at my office on the initiative
of his mother, who has been very concerned about his
increasingly unpredictable behavior and disturbed think-
ing. She specified that he is confused, ambivalent,
dispirited, unreasonable, irrelevant, changeable, sour,
and edgy. She described his behavior as restless, eating
continuously, smoking too much, up all night unable to
sleep, coming home at all hours, leaving unexplainably.
She noted that he has terrible headaches and itches all
over, ....

end quote

Sounds like a Vietnam Vet returned home with PTSD to me.


... Mother, herself, seemed confused by
a series of contradictory messages, orders, and letters
from "The Army" and showed me some of them as well as
copies of medical reports which had been altered. The
latter appeared in order to me, but to one who does not
know military medical paperwork they must be not only
confusing but suggestive of irregularity.

end quote

Why should the records of any military personnel be erased and changed by "The Army". Why would a USAR officer not be interested in the records from "The Army" when he should have been concerned only with USAR records. How can anyone state that this kind of activity regarding military records should be regular.


...Content shows preoccupation with per-
secutory ideas, often stated in homosexual symbolism, and
some projection, but also ideation that suggest beginning
homocidal or combined homoicidal-suicidal planning, with
one individual in particular becoming entwined in his
fantasies. He shows deepening depression to the point that
losing his own life begins to look desirable, expecially
if in the process he can obtain some revenge against one
or more of those he feels have been mistreating him. ...

end quote

This is the affect that the government had on Vern by changing his military and VA records in the manner that they did. They in effect drafted Vern a second time, and as Vern told me, he threatened to kill them before he went back to Vietnam. Remember this is after he signed up for two tours in SF/MACVSOG, he was severely injured in the Tet Offensive and was already honorable discharged. Most likely Vern offered to make this Doctor a second asshole, and so the doctor made the unprofessional remark about "homosexual symbolism".